The Underground Peoplemover to the International Terminal

Looking for something good in my photos to blog about but didn't have the patience to do so. So I looked in my contacts. SIC does excellent work and I hope in time I can be as half as talented.

A very pretty picture with a not so pretty story. Why is it that every time I am forced to use a public toilet I run into this scenario:

The place is deserted, I go in with the intention to get my business done as quickly as possible.
15 seconds later, it becomes Grand Central-fucking-Station. With shedloads of guys coming in demanding to use the toilet. It never fails. It happens this time all the time!

And another pet peeve of mine, is when I am taking a piss and some asshole decides to - while standing at the urinal, clear his throat getting boogers and lugeys from deep within the back of his throat, and bring them up and spit them out into the urinal. What would posses these disgusting men to do this? Why specifically at the urinal? I see this all the time. I wonder if its just a redneck thing. Its vile and disgusting. These men are of a different species. They are Troglodytes.

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