Natural Selection

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Anyone who denies Natural Selection (i.e. creationists) are doing so while Natural Selection is staring them in the face.

How many times do you hear about people getting flu shots annually because the influenza virus has mutated and adapted to our antibodies? How many times have you heard of a parent washing their poor kids' heads in an anti lice shampoo, only to have those lice be impervious to the chemical, due to Natural Selection? In only a few generations, these organisms have adapted and overcame.

Every single day, bacteria and single cell organisms become resistant to drugs and antibodies, this is a clear example of natural selection and evolution right in front of the creationists' noses.

Then of course you get these "Intelligent Design" People who claim "god" planted the seeds of life, and then put his feet up and watched evolution take place on Earth.

Bullcrapola IMO. Its just clear examples of back peddling and apologist crapola.

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Al said...

Ever wonder why Creationists look particularly unevolved...