Too Much Bullshit

At home I use DSL. What at one point was AT & T that had been broken up by the government for being a monopoly, turning it into Bell South (Verizon, Bell Atlantic etc etc) and now has become A T & T again, forces us to have a land line so we can use DSL. I don't really mind this as my Sat box has to dial out each morning. Fine.

They said the Land line is $13 which is nothing at all, fine. What really gets me is the excessive BULLSHIT the govt tacks on. What the fuck is a "FCC authorized charge for network access"? What the fucking fuck!

Its not even really that much, ($24.37) but it pisses me off when I pay 47% of the actual cost of having a dialtone to BULLSHIT. Who gets this money?!?!

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