[Learning is Fun] Viruses, Bacterium & evolution

Influenza virus invades Nashville

Fig 1. The influenza virus

It may be sweeping the country, but I am glad we have scientists hard at work at the WHO and the CDC researching, developing and combating things that want to kill us. A perfect example is the battle against Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus.

Fig 2. Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus

This mean mofo is a clear example of evolution right before our eyes. It is on the move as well as the influenza virus. Changing, adapting, evolving via Natural Selection. Its a thing of beauty - even if it wants to kill us. I got hit with the flu 2 weeks ago and I honestly have no idea where I got it from. No one from work had it, and no one that I can remember was sneezing or coughing. I practice good hygiene and yet -still, I was wiped out for several days with the flu. I tried very hard to isolate myself, but when you have a wife and child, living in the same house -it becomes nearly impossible to isolate yourself and prevent the spread of the virus. Despite all my efforts, both caught a virus - although not flu, it may have been a variant. These are clever organisms. A lot of times, people talk about "strains" but they fail to acknowledge what they are truly saying. More often than not, people who have creationist tendencies speak about strains and "different strains of the virus" and are completely unaware that they are contradicting creationism with their own tongues. Viruses and bacterium evolve by natural selection. Bacterium were one of the first forms of life on Earth 4 B years ago. So although it is quite unpleasant to be ill with the flu, I am quite happy in the knowledge that scientific record and findings are being validated daily and the spooky language of the bible and the explanations of the dark ages are being laughed out of existence in today's modern society. It appears the flu has hit Nashville hard, as I come across a lot of stories lately, of everyone having the flu. The CDC gathers this info and passes it on to the WHO for development of a flu vaccination for the southern hemisphere come March. And the same process happens all over again, in September for the northern hemisphere, mutatis mutandis.

I guess I don't really have a point, but to report on the spread of the flu and other viruses, and to point out examples of Darwin's natural selection in the real world, right in front of our eyes. And whether or not they are aware, creationists invalidate creationism and "intelligent design" (two cheeks of the same ass) when they mention viruses and a "new strain". The same goes for lice in people's hair. They adapt and resist - special shampoos year after year. I like the video I posted on 10 FEB of Lewis Black cause he said it best. "Evolution is a major thread in the larger tapestry that I like to call... REALITY!"

I guess there is a point in there, it just took a while for me to get to it.

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