[Learning is Fun] Why the moon turns "blood red"

Back when the author of the book of Revelation wrote that part of the bible, they tried to use spooky language to explain what we couldn't understand. "and the moon became as blood" as it says. We now know why the moon turns red with a total umbral eclipse and can predict (calculate) its occurrence to the second. Don't you just love science and reasoning. Critical thinking? Its a thing of beauty when observing the natural universe without mythical superstitions to cloud your judgment.


Anonymous said...

While your explanation is sound consider this though...The book of revelation does not try to "explain" how the moon becomes red in color, instead it refers to a period, during the end time, as a sign, when the moon will turn as red as the color of blood. The language is hardly spooky, but rather a poetic description of a future event yet to occur. It is that simple. You need to use some critial thinking to know what your reading. Over simplification and a deep disintrest shows that you may be selectively critical to material that is regarded as important to you. One can appreciate science, and faith, perhaps you just don't realy care to read and understand that which you have limited understanding or reason to study. Just an opinion.

Anonymous said...

When you say the author of the Book of Revelation, why would you not just mention the name of the author, if you have in fact read Revelation, just as you would name any other author of a scientific publication. And when you say, "back when", can't you just as easily give an era? If you enjoy informinf the uninformed, be consistant in how you treat your research, from whichever sources you bother to use. I suppose you don't enjoy the enthusiasm of studying anything outside the realm of the scientific experience. I would think that this would limit your ability to be creative and expand your ability to do critical thinking against issues or views that contradict your own. But, I respect your degree of closed-mindedness. That is the beauty of freedom of choice. Thank God.

Chris said...

Hello Anonymous,

Thank you for your comments. I dont include Revelations interpretations I just report on what I remember being forced to read. I will admit (if you say) that the bible says it was a prophecy instead of an explanation. However My point is still valid, that the bible was written at a time when the earth was considered a flat disk, The sun rotated around the earth, and the wheelbarrow was considered advanced technology. It was written not long after people thought the sun was a fiery charioteer named Apollo. You can't honestly say that you believe in the "prophecy" as it were. Come on. The raputre? Trumpets, monsters, 666, the anti christ?


The bottom line is, that the bible WAS written at a time when they had no idea why the moon turns blood red. The bible is filled with answers (for their time) to life's natural phenomena.