I got seriously Rickrolled

But its not what you expect. I got Rickrolled a while ago, and thought the whole idea was so funny. That song in particular was one of my favorites from my childhood. Last night I was humming the tune and Daniella asks "What song is that?" So I wanted to show her. No problem I pull out my N810, go to You Tube and go to this video. It plays the opening tune and then locks up. huh? que? I go and look and the screen is dead. And thats the last time there was life in my N810. After hours of troubleshooting, and a phone call to Nokia, I am to send it back for repair/replacement. This is incredibly disappointing. I will document the process and publish it here. Tonight I am going to FedEx/Kinkos at Vandy to ship the device to Huntsville, AL. I have never dropped the device, never allowed a drop of water near it, I have treated this device as if it were made of crystal. (out of respect for the device and all its power) And look at how the gadget gods repay me.

Will keep updating here. It goes in a box tonight (2008-04-22) after receiving the N810 on 2008-03-28, It breaks down on 2004-04-21.

Will take extra precaution to document the process.

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