at&t - the monopoly that was broken up in 1983 but later has gobbled up company after company and has been allowed to get as big as it was - has internet service that is flat out unacceptable. We use the service, and the only thing the dial tone coming in to the house is used for is the Dish Network receiver dialing out each morning at 3 A.M. Anyway on or about the 5th of April I discover that there is no dialtone. This is the same time that my internet connection is becoming incredibly slow. I place a trouble ticket with them. Leaving aside the pain in the ass voice menus and voice commands I have to deal with in calling their customer service number, I have heard no word from them at all. So I call them again tonight and I get confirmation someone is going to come out and fix the phone line. And after that, I am going to see if that fixes the intertubes. Right now I am so slow I can't upload a .jpg thats 46.7KB. (a screenshot of a speed test I did tonight) Why? because My goddammed upload speed is 2.52kbps. Yep you read that right! 2.52 KBPS

Talk about WTF! My Download speed is 1.32MBPS This is UNACCEPTABLE. I uploaded my flickr photos at work.

When I get a chance I will upload the screenshot showing the pathetic upload test.

at&t had a revenue of $118.9 Billion in 2007 and you would think these assholes would use some of that money to fix their goddammed network. And also hire some goddammed people to talk on the helpdesk instead of this "Please say your account number" .... "I'm sorry I didnt quite understand that. Please say your account number" bullshit!

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