N810 criticisms

Let me first start out by saying this is a WONDERFUL device and I am so glad I bought one. Before I get into the criticisms, I would also like to point out, that I am a pedantic frequent complainer.

The first usual complaints I have run in line with the rest of the community that has bought one of these.

1) The top row keys are a bit hard to hit properly.
2) The keys themselves are small but I have gotten used to using them.
3) The battery life is a bit short however I have tried to remedy this by buying the BP-5L and using the original one as a spare.

4) The routing in the map is for an additional charge. The map is great but this kind of sucks.

5) The car mount... WTF? Thats all I have to say.

Now into the nit picking:

6) On the map you can't use the format you want. Like using decimal instead of dms.

7) You can't choose the format of clock you want. I like 24 hour format. Apparently you have to change your locale from UK english to German or something which is incredibly stupid.

8) The Email client. WTF!>? I mean, I set it up, I even set up a dummy forwarding account from GMail and yes it does work but I constantly see "connecting" at the bottom. It is seriously bogged down. I don't know if thats because of a bug, or what, because I haven't really read through the forums yet.

9) The internal space could be a little more than what it is. If the thing is using a Micro SDHC - Why can't they use that solid state tech and put a bit more memory like my iPod Nano? I like the expandability of having a micro SDHC and I as of yet haven't bought an additional one.

I don't really have any other complaints at this time. I realise its a new product and the kinks haven't really been worked out yet. Again, I am glad I bought it.

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