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Been pretty busy doing "stuff" for work and all. Havent uploaded to flickr for a while until tonight.

Well I decided to get a new personal cell phone. I started off with the LG VX 8350:


I thought I would do fine with this. And it was ok. I - being the geek that I am immediately started to try and set up bluetooth to communicate with my N810. And it fails. I also find out that after texting with it that the UI is incredibly cumbersome. Reminiscent of the old LG that I used to have. (not a fan of LG) anyway I end up taking this bad boy back. I was not too disappointed with it, but felt I should replace it while I could. 3 days after the purchase.

So I got this thing, which is the LG VX9100M (sorry these are not great pictures)

ChargingDevices (1)

ChargingDevices (2)

Great UI (I do have to get used to the Nokia-esque joystick if you will, its a little different. but I am happy with it.

The Crayfish has been making more and more burrows in my backyard. There is a whole set of these on flickr that are adjacent to this one:

Crayfish (3)

And on Sat night, there was a hellacious storm that blew through. The lightning was incredible. The strike rate was about 12-15 per second. And the storm front captured in this photo
was moving at a high rate of speed. it was something incredible like 30 m/s! I saw this incredible lightning and so I got the tripod, turned out all the lights, and tried some different exposures using my remote. The damned street lighting fuqued up the effect I was trying to create. I was also trying to get a lightning strike. No such luck. Nevertheless there was a whole shitpile of lightning that night.

as an aside, if you are in Nashville I recommend Gigi's cupcakes.

GiGisCupcakes (3)

These things were damn delicious. They only shifted cause I was driving them home - and it was hot in the truck.

GiGisCupcakes (2)

Trying to get a good N810 screenshot - format.

N810Screenshot21MAY08 (1)

Lastly and most importantly, I am a proud papa. My daughter Daniella can write her own name. She is only 3.8 years old.

DaniellaWriting (2)

My new policy on Twitter, is follow a whole shitpile of people especially in Nashville and turn device updates off except the inner circle. (I dont want a new text message every 3 seconds) and act as a public service. Today I saw those sneaky fuckers Metro Nashville police lining the pockets of the govt. by stopping cars on D.B. Todd. They had one guy on foot, with a radar gun hiding behind the bushes with a radio. He would radio to 3 unmarked Impalas down the road to wave people to the side streets to ticket them. Bastards! They pulled this shit on Rosa Parks near Bicentennial Mall too. So I tweeted about it, telling people of the speed trap. Hopefully it did some good.

Keep your eyes peeled.

Now tired. Busy. Will be going to bed after my scrobbles and the iPod sync. No storms tonight but humid as hell. Lets see how this summer is going to shape up to be.

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