OK I posted a comment and now it got lost into the bowels of engadget. So Ill re-post it here.

Well I have the EnV2 (LG VX9100M) cause I didnt want to pay for a data plan, and also I am tied to Verizon (family/work etc) - It has some annoying UI problems but its great for texting. Verizon handset lineup sucks a dirty wet gym sock but their customer service is tops for sure. I HATE the fact that I can't have a Nokia handset from them (WTF is up with that??!?!).

I use the Nokia N810 for "smart phone" uses and although I drool at things like the E71 The EnV2 serves my needs just fine. I HATE the fact that Verizon (and others) - when after raping you financially having already bought the handset and the monthly service, rapes you again when wanting to use simple features (from email to vz navigator to ringtones to web usage and their joke that is V cast or other mobile equivalent)

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