Sick Fuck


I don't know what would posses someone to stalk and harm a child. But I hope they catch this sick fuck. Video can be seen at Newschannel5's site (Link)

Suspected Flasher Pursued 4-Year-Old In Store

Posted: June 10, 2008 10:22 PM

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - Metro police said a man flashed a 4-year-old girl at a Rivergate store.

Metro Police spokesman Don Aaron said he pursued the child as she shopped with her grandmother at the Rivergate Wal-Mart, 2232 N. Gallatin Pike. The incident happened around 7 p.m. on May 31.

"They were essentially being stalked by a man as they made their way through the store," he said.

Surveillance video showed the man walking through the store.

Out of the camera's view, Aaron said, "At that point, the man who had been following them in the store pulled down his shorts -- or opened his shorts -- and exposed his genitals to the girl. Smiling at her."

Police said the middle-aged man has either a bald or shaved head.

"What we're concerned about is if he was brazen enough to go into a public store -- a lot of people in there on a Saturday night -- and expose himself to a young child in a merchandise aisle, what's he going to do next? What child could be his next victim?" Aaron said.

Police said Wal-Mart security is putting out the all-call to stores in the area to warn them of the suspicious man.

The police department's Sex Crimes Unit wants to hear from anyone who thinks they know who he is to call 862-7540 or Crime Stoppers at 74-CRIME.

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