Happy New Year

Well I had the most boring new Year since 1994-5. That year I had taken a flight from Augusta, GA to St. Louis, MO to visit Dad and Bonnie. (stepmom) and she had bitched me out for some reason and I just went to bed early. (2300 or something) I heard them popping the cork and living it up. I was so pissed, I had sacrificed my leave time to come home to them and then they were arguing with me for some reason and I am sitting in bed jamming to some music at midnight. That sucked hardcore. I was 19 and I could have been partying my ass off somewhere else. But I was in St. Louis with no car and I didn't know ANYONE in St. Louis. Plus-its 1994 and Cell phones were not very popular.


I was sitting at home by myself, it was me and the dog. I was watching Fear Factor. And then changed the channel to the ABC New Years coverage. Their clock was off, (I have my watch synchronized with the GPS) and then Regis switched to "Ashlee Simpson in Hollywood" and it looked as if they were celebrating as if it had already been new year. But give me a freaking break. At the age of 7 I understood that when its midnight in NYC its 9pm in LA. -More contributions to the stupefacation of America I suppose. This is confirmed after I hear this girl speak. I believe I lost a good number of brain cells just hearing her.
So I turned the channel and came to the computer. Decided to go to Tilos and listen to music. I dont remember if I posted it on here or not but that site is awesome. You basically go to here. and then click on a day. (the day must coincide with the proper day in Hungary - I think -well probably not) and then on a time (CET) under the preferred bitrate. (128) then it is a webcast that you can save. Good stuff. I usually save loads so I can take with me on my trips -in the air or in the car. They come in 30 min blocs and it is way better than the radio in Bumville, USA or Bumville, Canada. Something different anyway. They have something for everyone. Good stes, also classical and rock. If you see an oval with an H in it that means commentary is in Hungarian. (D for German etc etc)

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