The buffet

I have made the decision again to continue this blog. That probably hasn't gotten any traffic since June. I saw something the other day that absolutely made me sick.

Firstly I will say that I could place some belief in Karma, but my criticisms of others in this post is only to bring awareness of a growing problem. I currently am overweight. I weight 204 lbs. I have gained roughly 10 lbs. Since moving here. I am currently working out and am trying to move forward and get back to my goal weight of 180. Having said that I will continue on with the story:

Sunday I went to a Mexican restaurant for lunch. I ignored the five box-shaped individuals sitting in front of me. This restaurant had a special "Sunday Buffet" which no doubt spelt disaster to the restaurant's bottom line.

These people were eating when the host had seated us. I got my food and ate. It took me about fifteen minutes for me to feel full. I stopped eating and was forced to stare at the table of people. I call them people but they were no longer people. They stopped being people when they exceeded the weight of 300 lbs. These "people" were at least 400 lbs each. What struck me was that they were a family. An older couple (obvious by the hair color) were huge (400 lbs or more each) And then there was what looked a son with his wife (again 400 lbs or more each). And what looked like a younger brother. This younger brother was the lightest of the group. I assumed his age to be about 13-15 years. He looked like he already weighed 300 lbs.

The biggest of the group (the first son) went up to the buffet the most. Every time he made the effort to get up -that is lifting his body out of his chair -he would get a plate, fill it up, return it to the table. Then he would remain standing so he could make two more trips to the buffet and return with two more filled plates for an eating session. So by the time he sat back down he would have three filled plates in total for that eating session. In the space of fifteen minutes I waited for my great aunt in law and my grandfather in law to finish their food, this guy made four (4) such trips each having three plates. Having eaten a total of twelve (12) filled plates of Mexican food. These actions were mirrored by the other members of the family. These five people must have put away enough food to feed a village of Ethiopians. I sat there trying to focus elsewhere but I just couldn't. Their table was perpendicular to mine and so they were sitting lengthwise to me -so that I could see five pair of hands almost simultaneously shoving food into five still-hungry mouths.

More shocking is that when the older man -let's call him "the father" was shoveling cheese sauce onto his already stacked plate full of enchiladas another big woman from another table gave him a bad look as if to provoke him into fighting for the food. Then it dawned on me, as we were getting up to pay, I noticed the rest of the restaurant was completely filled with huge people. The combined total weight of the room must have been equal to a large sea vessel or perhaps maybe a 747 jumbo jet. Our family of five was still eating upon my exit. It made me wonder if they ate like that all the time or if it was a special "buffet eating adventure" in which they would chow down for 30-minute eating sessions like competitive eaters.

It is a sad state of affairs when in this country there are more people dying of having eaten too much than there are people dying of starvation. And will soon surpass smoking as the leading cause of preventable death in America. Some of these people had to use canes to aid them in walking. I bet if you followed them into Wal Mart you would note the use of one of those motorized scooters. They probably scammed the state into giving them a disabled permit so they can wrongfully park in the handicapped parking spot. Exactly what they need, less work to do so they can't ever work off their fat.


Nick said...

Welcome to Tennessee buddy! Have you been to the Wal-Mart yet?!?! Hahaha!

Chris said...

heh no way man :)

My wife likes to go there and we get our baby food/formula there cause we save a few bucks. And the Target is miles away :(