I am starting to really get pissed off about the way people drive here. Once you have driven in Boston you can drive anywhere (in America anyway). I was just driving today and some dumb bitch was driving a huge ass SUV and she was on the cell phone stopped in the middle of the parking lot driveway. I had to give her the horn. Then some twat pulled out onto the road that I was already going 35 on almost hitting me. The dumbass wasn't even looking at me.

Fuck this. I am going to be rude from now on. Fuck these dumbasses. I am going to now be more liberal with my use of the horn. Motherfuckers should learn to drive. That's what a car is for, to drive, not to eat in, have conversations in in the middle of the parking lot. Just shut the fuck up and drive! Motherfuckers!



Nick said...

Yea, Nashville driving sucks! It is a mixture of California, Midwest, Southern, and northern driving styles, all rolled up into a nasty little ball of stupidity.

Oh, don’t forget to NOT use your turn signal! That is a big no-no here!

Chris said...

Bunch of dumbasses.

And don't get me started on the big scary trucks. Back in Boston we didn't have as much big semi-trucks as there are here. The motherfuckers don't know how to drive.