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I must take the time again to plug a podcast called "Cool Shite on the tube". On their webforums I suggested a film a good favorite of mine, "Shaun of the Dead". Must have been a favorite of theirs as well cause they made a review in their latest podcast. And, although I doubt many people will ever read this, I encourage everyone to give their podcast a listen. You don't even need an iPod to listen. Just go to the website. They also mentioned me (dogstar1288) in the broadcast which was cool. I believe it was because of my comments on podcastalley.com

Today has to be one of the hottest days on record. I haven't spent much time outdoors. It is one of those days that when you stand idle, you still sweat. So, all I have done today was wash dishes, vacuum the carpet, sweep the kitchen floor, clean the bathroom, and sweep the grass clippings outside off the sidewalk.

So my favorite podcasts are

Benjamin Walker's Theory of Everything -haven't had an update in a while. Maybe he is taking the summer off.
Cool Shite on the Tube
Triple j's Hack
Triple j's Dr. Karl
Triple j's Sunday Night Safran
Al Franken
CBC Radio 3

The air conditioners set for 65. And I am sitting here in my boxer shorts with the blinds shut. Maybe this heat will subside. Its currently sunny, 91ยบ F with 59% relative humidity. The wind speed is a nonexistent 1.3m/s And the air pressure is 1016.6 hPa

I know my Australian friends would love to trade places with me since they were talking of how it was cold and rainy over there now.

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