Flake Chocolates

So My friend Andy used to bring me back some Flake's from Birmingham each time he would go back. Once We both had work to do in Tennessee. He had given me two-four packs and when I got back to Boston, I had thought I left them in the hotel room. I found those two today hidden in my bag.

You can't get these anywhere around here. :( They blow American chocolate out of the water.


Bruce said...

Ho yeah, Cabberry chocolate is the best in the world.. coming for me who lives two hours for the factory and a sweet tooth. I really don't like much USA chocolate.. yours is so much better. If you like Flake you need to see the varity of other stuff they make.

(Cool) Shite on the Tube

Chris said...

Hey Bruce...

The last time I got one was ordered internationally. I have visited Cadbury's in Birmingham. Paid the £8 for a tour. Got the chance to drink some warm Cadbury's Chocolate before it had set. It was Pure Heaven. Point being European Chocolate is in a completely different league than American Chocolate. I like American Chocolate, I just like European Chocolate better. American Chocolate is unique, and might be a nice alternative to those Europeans who are used to one unique taste. But Swiss, French, German, British chocolate etc is the best in the world no doubt.