Sunday Night

It seems like there was actually no weekend. Having worked Saturday. And now it looks like tomorrow will be a full day. I can't complain though. I at least have a job.

I am now typing this on the laptop you see pictured above. This is my upstairs workstation -its messy but I have been so busy lately to tidy up in this room. So I am writing pictures to a CD on the desktop, while writing this on my laptop. I like to multitask when I work on weeknights. I usually do my work (for work) on my laptop, connecting my HP1160 to the laptop behind the desk, and at the same time while waiting for various things to download for work etc. I like to go on my boards and do podcasts, get podcasts etc. On the desktop. So no one computer ever really gets bogged down. Like now. I am writing this on the laptop while writing photos to a CD on the desktop and also DL'ing podcasts. If I had tried to do all of them on one machine, they would probably bog down. (maybe not though) but anyway, as this laptop is a work laptop, I like to do the work on here and then do personal things on the desktop. Its an OK setup and it works. I really need to get a comfortable desk chair though. I did have one in Massachusetts, but we couldn't take it in the move. So it had to be left.

All 3 machines in the house are wireless so if something goes wonky with my router I am fucked.

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