An Injury

In my attempt to document the injury I took several photos. I was trying to shove the foam cushion provided by Sampsonite (the case used for my laptop) into my backpack. I shoved my hand right in where on the other compartment was a plastic folder. The edge of which went straight in between my thumbnail and the flesh of my thumb, shooting pain directly to my brain. I just thought it was a minor thing yes it did hurt, fuck it hurt very badly. So I look at it and sure enough there is blood collecting in the fingernail. Its a ritual now that I play with Daniella until she says she wants to lay down. Then I take Buttons and my computer and back pack etc. upstairs to work while she goes to sleep. I was in the process of gathering up everything when this happened, so I wasn't allowed to swear or even shout. Cause Daniella said she was ready for bed. I can type using my thumb now though, When I first started doing my work, I couldn't it sucks, cause its just a dull pain now.

The pictures turned out kinda cool. You can see the outline of the energy efficient lighting I have. Thinking about it now though, I should have placed my hand on the desk and shone the light from above. And then took the picture.

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