Darkness descends

I got off work early today for a change. The weather has been nice in the last two days. Not as much humidity - not even enough to prevent static electricity from shocking me upon exiting the car. So in that tradeoff, I get comfortable warm sunny weather. I'll take that.

I didn't have much to do in the way of work today. Yesterday I had a very bad day. I went off and left my laptop's power cord at home. So I was sweating bullets for the last 12 minutes of battery time. Today was much better. Being casual Friday, I wore some jeans and one of my nicer shirts.

I had some time in between my calls and my attempt to get into my second call early was in vain. So I stopped at some shops looking for a badge clip and a new toner cartridge for my printer. I first went to Wal Mart since they seem to have a monopoly on everything in the area. I searched and searched. I finally found an empty spot for an item marked "Badge Clip" priced $1.50 So I just wasted 10 minutes there. Went next to Best Buy (another corporate stranglehold company) and found my toner cartridge. It was a nice hefty $79. So after having bought one of those, I stopped in a Target. You seem to get less white trash types in Target than you do in Wal Mart. So I looked around. Saw two twenty-something guys horsing around with some price guns. I stopped to ask them if they carried badge clips.
They said "Uhhhh. No."

I then wandered the store aimlessly I felt like a zombie walking around. I then thought to myself "hey what is it that I want" I walked to the camping section to look for GPSes. They are coming down in price but the best one they had was the Garmin Etrex series. And I at least wanted the Garmin GPS V. The store's security staff must have been on their toes when following me around with their cameras. I had no logical pattern or method of browsing the store. (like I said, just wandering around). I then thought to myself "I gotta get the fuck outta here!" So I made a beeline for the exit, not running of course. I am sure that had security panicking heh..

Anyway, after that I saw a soccer store. I stopped in and had a look. Now I know where to get my soccer gear.

My second call was at two PM and I got done with that in an hour. So I head home. Been vegging out since then. Doing occasional work here and there.

Ashley''s cousin is in the hospital tonight being induced into labor. I would have gone into the hospital, but it is uncertain when I would have come back. And I do have to work tomorrow.

So I was sitting here and the sun was setting, and now its almost completely dark. You can see my current state in this photo:

Will get on to writing more often.

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