Inconsiderate fucker

As mentioned previously on this blog, one of my biggest complaints is when inconsiderate fuckers pour out their sugary soda onto the parking spot right out their car's doors. This is an example of such rudeness. I saw this at the Kangaroo Station in Murfreesboro. (Uploaded to Flickr) So the next person (me) gets the pleasure of treading in this shit. Since the inconsiderate fuckers just pour it out right at the door, and are probably too fat and lazy to get up and, god forbid, pour it in the grass or just simply throw the cup away in the trash can, it is poured at the exact spot I step into when exiting my car.

Thanks fuckers!


Mob said...

I recall watching a guy emptying a fucking nasty spit cup the same way.

We're still living in a society here, right?


Chris said...

cool man. I checked out your profile, looks like you have good taste in music.

Great blog you have.