Pet Peeves

People who know me know I like to complain a lot. Its kind of a motif. Today I am going to talk about more things that get on my nerves.

First, some people when they decide they don't want to drink soda anymore from their fast food cups (which are getting massively bigger and bigger - a rant for another day) they think its ok to just dump the excess fluid onto the pavement, wherever they are. Be it a parking lot or a sidewalk. I have noticed this is more prevalent here in the south. A lot of times this means pouring out soda onto the parking spot, right where one would enter and exit a vehicle. So the next person to drive into that parking spot treads right in a sticky mess. This is one of my pet peeves, along with people littering in general.

Off into a tangent, Soda has so much sugar in it -its ghastly. I only drink unsweet brewed tea, or water. Down here they have sweet tea and I have gotten this drink on occasion by accident due to an incompetent waiter or waitress. Its so bad I take one sip and almost choke. You can't even really taste the tea, all you taste is sugar. Sugar water. It is disgusting. And people actually drink this stuff. My wife's family like it and I enquired once as to the sugar content. They said they sometimes put a cup of sugar in 2 quarts of tea. Let me put this into perspective. One cup of sugar is equal to 236.5882 cubic centimeters. 2 quarts is equal to 1892.706 cubic centimeters. So you take 236.5882/1892.706 and you get .1249997 so you are looking at 12.5% total volume of sugar to tea, all just to sweeten it. This is very bad. Most people who make this sweet tea use one cup for 2 quarts.

I was in the dentist's office back in 1997 and they had a display on sodas. Showing how much sugar is in each soda can. Now in America, they use HFCS, High fructose corn syrup for everything. (just look at the package label of virtually all food products you buy in America now).

So anyway I seem to have gotten off into another tangent here. And that is how America is going down hill in the obesity epidemic. Will have to write more about this later.

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