Rescheduled again

Unfortunately there is not a whole lot I can do about the weather this time of year. Maine is getting its first coat of snow now and we as small insignificant creatures must submit to nature's wrath.

There was a hellified rain yesterday and last night Today was clear and cold. I imagine that rain we had last night hit Maine today. And turned it into a huge wet soaking sloshy mess.

I decided to not tell Dave my boss for my 2nd job. That way it doesn't seem like I am always rescheduling.

I do get to go on the booze cruise for work tomorrow night -which is a plus. I will bring a camera but I don't know what setting to use for city lights. There will be loads of sights to see while dining on some good stuff.

Its going to be nice. I have never participated in a Christmas party with these guys and girls but I am looking forward to it.

America's Next Top Model is coming to a head now and I can hear it in the background. I think I got Ashley Hooked on it heh heh. That and Fear Factor - My favorite show.


I did my travel report for 2004. This is the first year we will do such reports. Basically I take the total miles travelled for business by air and car and tally them up and break them down by trip.

I am sure mine pales in comparison to some of my colleagues but nevertheless:

Air Miles 25,370

Car miles 12,235

This is not counting my Maine Trip which is now scheduled for Wednesday of next week.

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