Neo C180

I was stumbling and I came across this. (not directly) actually this was the stumble page.

I think the keychain phones were cool but this one (the C180) takes the cake in my opinion.


This we believe is no longer a phone but more of a sculpture. And that is how we will make sure it remains by the time we are done with fitting it with every single feature a phone should have. With its high gloss finish and hidden screen + camera, it will hardly look like a phone when sitting on your desk . The phone will feature WiFi, Bluetooth, Quad band, Windows Smart Phone software and much more.

I have been aware of the technology gap between countries. Europe and Japan have always been way far ahead of the crappy sub standard US. This phone (and provider) only confirms that.

The British get Neo and we get Verizon Wireless.

I wish I could have this phone.

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