Rain that we need.

Its been a particularly hard week, starting off with the death of the iPod (again there is one more thing I need to try - the proverbial nuclear bomb - removing and re-installing iTunes).

We have been getting pounded with rain but all the time this is happening I am remembering what a hot and dry summer we had, and this water is going back into the reservoirs and lakes.

Last night I stayed in Cookeville, and tonight is uncertain, but I do know tonight is the last night away as I will be coming back home on Friday.

I still have about 350 snaps available on my 2GB card and when I get a chance (probably this weekend I will import them to my PC at home and burn backups of them onto CDs.

The no iPod thing really has a big impact. From the old adage "you don't know what you got till its gone" is ever true. What I have been doing is getting my podcasts and placing them on their own playlist (well I have been doing that before) but I burn them onto a CDRW as data and I dug up the old Sony Walkman CD player that reads mp3 data as audio. So I still get my new shows. The scroll feature is the most important thing though. Also if I am driving along, and all of a sudden want to listen to "Help" from the Beatles I can't do it. Also all my purchased music (protected AAC) and a whole shitload of my other music that I have imported (as AAC) along with my audiobooks (even ones bought from audible that are in an audible format) cannot be burned to a cd, -well they can but I have no way of listening to it cause they are not mp3s.

kind of a pain in the ass. But I have unearthed a lot of old mp3 cds I burned back from 2003 (pre-iPod) a lot of which has since left my computer's hard drive.

Now I am sitting in the Hotel's breakfast area waiting for the tech to finish at Monterrey and then we will make our way to Byrdstown.

Will blog later tonight.

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