Before my first post this morning, I was on site. The site was in the median and it had been pissing it down with rain.
Soggy and Foggy
I had to park as close as possible next to the roadway surface, and yet still be safe. And also park in a place, where the truck wont get stuck as it is a weak rear wheel drive.
In other words, I parked here: (bear in mind that and other semi trucks are blazing past at 70-80mph)


So I wouldn't get stuck in this:


After I left the hotel, I drove up to Byrdstown. The clouds cleared a bit.

Blue Skies


I found that some rednecks got a lot of joy out of shooting a sign.

Bullet Hole


Checked out the bridge.



Saw some really cool slate.


Now in the hotel room.


In the background is some lame-assed show called well, I dont know what its called but it is on Speed TV and it pretty much has a shitload of cars and girls and tits and ass. In a channel lineup filled with the most mindless shit ever.

I really haven't been paying attention to it, but I did see the part where they were talking to a girl called Meyli Yu. This bizzatch apparently drives a BMW M3 -and I don't doubt for a second that she paid for the car with her own money. But its kind of sad that she has achieved more with her tits and ass than most people in the country have with real hard work.

I have been doing some work, and will go to bed soon. I actually have to wait here in the hotel again tomorrow for another package from Colorado. So I think now is a suitable bedtime.

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