Biggest Church in town

Biggest Church in town, originally uploaded by Chris1051.

It seems these churches are always trying to outdo each other. Which is fine by me but they need to have their tax exempt status revoked - make them compete with the rest of the business world. Just because they are in the God industry doesn't mean they should get a free pass when it comes to taxes.


Christie said...

There's much bigger churches in Dothan! Sorry you had to eat chain restaurants your entire visit. There's too many of them ... but there are some neat local places. Make sure you eat before 9 p.m. because that's about time this town shuts down for the night.

Chris said...


I wish I had known. I did hear about these restaurants (from waitresses in Olive Garden haha) but anyway, It helps to know people I guess. Maybe next time.

Sorry if I offended - RE: My observations of your town. I know I was only really seeing the surface of it during my short stay. If I can enquire, how did you come across the blog? Was it a geotag from flickr?