Technological Problem #4,080

For an early adopter such as myself, I seem to be wrought with problems. The iPod has been working fine and I am so glad that the battery has lasted from Sunday. The problem is it will only charge while being connected to the PC.

I posted a thread over at the iLounge. I will quote it here:

I came across something odd. I have used a Belkin Car charger since 2005 for my 4th Gen ipod (which later died) and it worked like a charm. Its basically a cigarette lighter plug in dealio and the other end plugs into the ipod to charge. Well lately I noticed it locked up my nano (video 8GB) and so I unplugged it and reset the nano and discarded the charger figuring something broke it. I then decide - when I get home to use a genuine apple wall adapter which came with my 4th Gen, and the firewire cable (plugged into the wall adapter) to solely use it to charge, and the same thing happens with the nano, it gets locked up, the album art (that is normally shifting very slowly is frozen. This is using a Genuine Apple wall charger and a genuine Apple firewire cable. This is truly odd. So When syncing, I am using the genuine USB cable it came with and after syncing, it finally is charging it. SO apparently only the USB it came with can charge it. Is this something they implemented with new software - to ensure no one uses 3rd party chargers? Also, My music library is on my desktop so if I wanted to say charge the ipod at work, what is the harm in plugging it in to that computer (that doesnt have itunes) is the ipod going to see that the PC doesnt have itunes and freak out? Or can I just plug it in and it will charge it?

any help is appreciated.

So I havent tried the suggestions, but tonight I was a bit fed up and just went ahead and hit "Restore" I am going to try the suggestions if this doesnt work.

So I am syncing the nano fresh and also giving it a good overnight charge.

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