1051 Explained

I was going to see if the chris1051 username was available at gmail. And no it isnt. I ask the simple question: WTF!?

Who is this guy? I suspect its SKOALMAN88

(Trust me you don't want to click on that link unless you want to go through the standard myspace AUTOMATIC music that sucks and wait for all the java and flash applets to run and bog down your system - to see a profile of a dude and a shitload of other people saying "Whats up?... not much... yeah.... cool... Read more on the death of myspace here and here.)

- an apparent farmer who uses the SKOAL product. Thats fine but I wish he would not use my unique username for his myspace. If he wants to be the SKOALMAN why not just choose skoalman@gmail.com? WTF?

Or how about the Skoalinator or similar?

I am a bit pissed - cause I didnt even like the name Chris1051 to begin with. I wanted "Chris" but since thats a pretty hard username to get I had to think of something unique. So I chose my last 4 of my office phone. Surely no one else would pick that right? Yeah I was wrong. For whatever reason this guy chose it. But I used it thinking no one else would and have been using it for every web 2.0 site I have joined over the last 4 years. A quick Google Search shows nothing but me in ALL the google links!

I was only going to start a new email so I could redirect my legitimate online persona email (social networks etc) to the real Chris1051 instead of my spam email.

Just a thought for the SKOALinator.

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