I highly Recommend:

I, like most people suffer from allergies. After cutting the lawn, exposure to cats, walking around in middle Tennessee, etc.

I cannot recommend these products enough. I have the one called "Arctic". Here are some important things to consider:

If a slight stinging sensation bothers you, this product is not for you. Here is what happens. After dropping the eye drops in the eye, it feels a bit like that feeling when you are running and sweating so much that the sweat gets in your eyes, and it kind of burns. This lasts for about 2 - 5 minutes. But after having an itchy red eye - it is a welcome sensation. You can really feel the eye drops working. The result is a very comfortable eye and when inspection in a mirror, a very clean and very white white of the eye. They managed to package a bottle of awesome.



I had a prescription for this more than a year ago. I still use it. If your nose gets clogged from allergies use this it works. Hands down.


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