Complaining works

After being fed up with having to wait almost a whole month - from the Nokia Repair Center. I call them up on Wednesday and complain (+1 888 665 4228). I ask why it takes so long for a simple replacement etc. etc. The lady says she has "escalated" my query. So While I am listening to the iPod and polishing off a big fat lunch #3 from Las Palmas, I hear the doorbell ring (here at work we keep the door locked) and its the USPS guy. He has a shitload of mail and a box. I dont get too excited and then he says "I need a signature confirmation for Chris..." The box is the right size for an N810... hmm I start to get a little excited. I sign it and thank him. I take in into my office. I see the return address. Oh hell yes. You know these guys probably had them on hand all along.

Yes people, complaining does actually work.

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