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This was my dinner tonight. Cracker Barrel never seems to upset. It doesn't look too good in the picture, but we can blame this on lighting and the digital camera on my cell phone didn't have a flash. However, it was very good to eat. I also got one of those Strawberry Icebox pies. That was quite good.

(the following was typed out on my N810 when I finished the meal in Cracker Barrel)

Anyway I shouldn't be judgmental and I realise I can be a dick at times. But I have to mention. There is a power couple that just sat down for dinner. They both weigh in excess of 400lbs so their combined weight is in excess of 800lbs. This made me ponder for a second. I thought to myself I am sure glad that the chairs are made of sturdy wood because they would surely break and buckle under the stress. I know its not nice to make fun of people but this isn't really making fun. This is speaking critically of the obesity problem we are witnessing in the western world. The lifespan of their vehicles' suspension system is undoubtedly shortened by their added weight. Again I know it sounds ugly and mean however these comments are not directed at them as human beings. Just the obese in general. I myself am above ideal human male weight for my height.


Ashlee said...

I get really angry whenever I go to a fastfood place and see parents, whether they be overweight or not, with their chubby kids munching away on crap. Yeah I shouldn't eat it either, but I have the good sense to make it a rarity. Those kids look like it's a regular routine.

Chris said...

You probably would recoil in horror if you visited here for any length of time. I have seen children as young as my daughter - overweight. Being fed shite.

Its a sad state of affairs. With overpopulation - and the food "shortage" elsewhere in the world, Its bordering on the obscene how much people eat and throw away in western countries. Cameron Reilly has really opened my eyes in this regard.

Thanks for reading Ash :)