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I really don't like that for someone to be president, someone has to be Christian. It doesn't actually say this in the constitution. But an atheist stands zero chance of being elected. I believe Barack is the best and most sane choice in this year's election. I know he is doing what is necessary to get elected. I am a supporter and believe he can effect real change in this country - despite being a member of the democratic party - a party that has rather disappointed me in the last 2 years. We kicked the republicans out of the congress in 2006 because we wanted change. The democrats have not delivered. From the Bill Clinton School of Triangulation, I understand Barack, Harold Ford Jr., Hillary et al are just doing what they feel are needed. To McCain voters: You really need to take a step back and look at who McCain is pandering to. The evangelical right wing is a step backward in time. They are anti-science and filled with superstition and supernatural believers. They are destructive to modern society. Science has freed us from this superstition and supernatural hocus pocus.

I am disappointed but we all know how important it is for Barack to win. Lets hope we get a good VP to complete the ticket (like maybe John Edwards) and hope that the republicans don't pull any hocus pocus of their own a la voting machines, Florida 2000 and Ohio 2004.

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