Easy Money

WaitingGame (1), originally uploaded by Chris1051.

While Standing in line, waiting to pay at the Gallatin Goodyear, a Gallatin Police officer comes in and jokingly (although I am not laughing) says to the guys who work at Goodyear "So, what are y'all doing today besides making easy money?"

My company vehicle firstly would not start, so it needed a new battery. Then it needed new front tires. The back tires, though old had good traction. They saw that I had a national account and their eyelids flapped like a cash register and $$$$$$ replaced the eyes. They called the national account and managed to ask for 4 new tires, a new battery (which I did need) and new brakes (which I probably needed) The truck is like a whole new truck now but god they do try and exploit these situations. The final bill to the national account was $880 Easy money for 4 hours of work.

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