Last.fm -new layout & Twitter Stable

Last.fm have changed their layout and it took me for a bit of a shock. They made it rather Myspace-ey but not as lame as myspace. I don't mind the change really. It is a drastic change though. Kind of counter intuitive for everyone used to the original feel of the site.

Amid all the complaining and bitching and moaning from many people Twitter seem to have prevailed over the problems they have been plagued with lately. (Mostly High-Schoolers, Mainstream hair gel wearing persons, Pop-Top 40 types and Abercrombie Zombies) I am glad its more stable and frankly have not updated Plurk in a long time. I am thinking about placing a Twitter badge here but I always have a problem with layouts and sidebars and display - Even if you look now you can see the RSS badges don't line up with the descriptions. Sesame Street Terror Alert is out of whack etc etc.

I may just replace Sesame Street with the twitter html badge. Just something to ponder.

I sure hope no one gets pissed off from my morning upload but I didnt notice any ill effects. The upload speeds here are incredibly many times more fast than the DL speeds.

I am waiting for Last.fm to become regular again. I know my tracks are getting scrobbled but the site is incredibly slow. I get a timeout on the tracert to last.fm

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