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One time there used to be this guy who was a real dick to me on an online forum - a real crappy conservative site. ( I will not mention it here but if these people still read this blog expect a deluge of comments - of which I will publish freely. But after which I will post the link to this sorry website.) He stole this tagline and used it for his own. I think whoever came up with the tagline was very clever. But it is essentially meaningless. You could put anything you wanted in its place as he did. He said "Know Guns, Know Peace. No guns, no peace nor safety". There was a deluge over at my blogsite from this board - that I left in December 2004 - from the website's administrator and all of the members. I still have every single email regarding the incident - only because I have Gmail and I have that luxury of never throwing anything away. Looking back, I should have kept those blog posts on my site flaming that retarded site - but I took it down. This was in an era before captchas and smooth editing. A quick check of the domain that was this awful board today shows that the board is still in operation. More folders than active members on the site. Its a mess. Nothing but a circle jerk of right wing hate speech.

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