I'll be this guy believes in the rapture. especially with statements like:
“This will mark our city for God,” he said. “If this doesn’t work – nothing else will work. But if we get it right, everything will fall into place.”

So God isn't powerful enough he needs a big ugly cross similar to


to find a city of dumbasses.


For Grace Community Church Senior Pastor Steve Riggle, the sign of the cross can mark Houston like no other city in the country.

Riggle last week disclosed a plan to erect 150-foot crosses at the south and north entrances to the city. The crosses would be on the Grace South Campus and the North Campus properties.

Riggle doesn’t mince words when he says that the country is headed in the wrong direction politically and spiritually. The only way out, he adds, is what he believes the Founding Fathers always intended the United States to be – a Christian nation. He says the project is a start in the right direction.

“If we do it here,” Riggle said, “I believe it will happen in Los Angeles, Washington, D. C. and New York City.”
Riggle feels that, in recent years, rulings and regulations have fabricated, “the truth of history. We are not afraid of the truth, are we?” he asked. “We can make up our own mind what the Founding Fathers meant.”

There are forces out there busy tearing at the fabric of America, he said.

“The proof is abundant. They want to re-write and color history.”

Speaking at last week’s news conference at Grace’s Gulf Freeway location, Riggle unveiled a large billboard featuring the cross. A second billboard also was placed at the North Campus, located south of The Woodlands.

“This will mark our city for God,” he said. “If this doesn’t work – nothing else will work. But if we get it right, everything will fall into place.”

Eventually, Riggle would like crosses at every entrance to Houston.

“I would surround the city,” he said.

The crosses are not about Grace Community Church, Riggle pointed out.

“This is a symbol of a much larger vision – it’s for the city,” he said. “Here is an opportunity to physically and spiritually mark the city in a tangible way.”

Actually, Riggle would like to start with two 200-foot crosses, but that would need further FAA approval. But he is not discarding that idea just yet.

The total cost of the cross project doesn’t have a bottom line yet, and Riggle also plans to ask non-members of Grace from around the city to donate.

“We are going to go outside the church and even to business people and businesses,” he said. “We hope that they see the value of this serving the entire city.”

Each cross will have an elevated prayer center that groups can use.

Riggle’s eventual vision includes connecting, “One thousand churches a month in prayer through technology. All the churches would be praying for the mayor and city council. I think they would appreciate all those people praying for them.

“Politically we cannot solve our problems,” he added. “It’s a tragedy that our nation is in this shape.”

Riggle also realizes that this project may not have a smooth path to completion. Some opposition or objection will likely surface.

“That won’t surprise me, but it won’t bother me. We have the right.”

Riggle is no stranger to adversity.

Prior to starting Grace, he and wife Becky were missionaries in the Phillippines. While ministering to inmates in prison, they were taken hostage. Holding threatening knives against the Riggle’s bodies, the prisoners attempted to escape in a bus with their hostages. The guards opened fire. Both Riggles were stabbed several times and were fortunate to get out alive. All the escaping prisoners were killed in a hail of bullets. Becky Riggle was hospitalized in serious condition.

In 1983 the Riggles started Grace with 12 people at the first service. Later Grace moved to a Webster location. In 1990 a larger Grace Community was built on Crescent Landing in Clear Lake. In 2006 the present 10,000 seat worship center opened on the Gulf Freeway. In 2007 the Grace North Campus opened off I-45 North and the Spring Crossing exit.

Ill bet he attributes his good luck to "Gods intervention" no mention on the 26,000 children who die every single day of starvation on earth. No mention of all the suffering and dying world wide. No mention of the millions who die of malaria and curable diseases every year. Why should God save him and his wife in his ordeal and let thousands suffer?

So according to Mr. Dumbass, the founding Fathers wanted America to be a Christian Nation. I wonder where in the constitution he thinks it says that.


Anonymous said...

Maybe you should spend some time actually going to his church to see what they actually do outside the walls and read a little about what values this country was founded on instead of just being a moron that sits on his ass and bashes others that actually get off their ass and do something! Oh, and they also have every right to put up crosses too. Just like you have the right to demean them. So get over it.

Chris said...

Thanks Anonymous.

But why would I waste my time going to a church who are just going to regurgitate the same lies that were force-fed to me from the cradle?

Also of note, this country was NOT founded in any way on the Christian religion. Looks like you need to do a little homework yourself there.

I know they have a right to put up crosses, and I know I have a right to demean them. Its a right granted in the constitution, in the first amendment.

I was remarking about the fact that this dumb-assed "moron" said crosses would show "God" that Houston was a "Christian City"

The idea is lame -admit it.