Time to kill this blog

Its been a long time. Almost four years. I have matured in those four years. This blog came from a platform of bitching and moaning to become a platform of bitching and moaning with some degree of respect. I think I have progresses enough to kill it now.

An apology goes out to anyone whoever felt hurt by the words expressed on this site. I have been wanting to kill it more and more as evidenced by months of inactivity.

I will try and be a better writer. I used to write and I will try and do so. The New blog is a work in progress. This one has been nothing but a thorn in my side with trying to change page elements, the RSS buttons not working, etc etc.

I will try and do better.

If you come across this, that means the blog is dead. Happy reading, the past four years but It kind of deserves its rest in peace.

Keep moving forward and further the progressive Reason-driven agenda.


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