Sunday night

Well Its Sunday night again, the weekend went by so quick. Saturday I went to my job #2 and it was slow going. In the future I should just get in and get out. And don't fuck around. Probably the way forward.
Tuesday the 15th I have to go up to New Hampshire again and the work starts at 10pm so I will have to go after my 2nd job which is in Wilmington (on the way to NH).
Tonight I was getting some serious Chinese food cravings so I deposited my check (from 2 Fridays ago), got some cash, and got some Chinese. I got Chicken Egg Foo Young with White rice. Ashley got combo #21 which was ??? I can't remember.

Stuff filled me up good!

I am still full and this was about 4 hours ago when I ate the stuff.

Back to work tomorrow, it has been windy as hell but today was nice, The wind has blown all the leaves off all the trees so now it looks like winter.

Ashley is watching the Dallas Reunion on TV. We were both talking about our favorite 80's shows. I remembered the ones I loved most:

The A Team
Magnum P.I.
Miami Vice


Countless others

Now its late and I am thinking about laying down for the night.

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