Update 20041116.0622Z

OK so here is the deal, its currently 0122R and I am up trying to stay awake and Ashley is in bed. Daniella is also sleeping, Buttons (the dog) is also sleeping. Why am I up? Cause these guys who are essentially union thugs who work for mob bosses said they couldn't do the work during the day, or rather-the state govt. told them they had to work at night. So this has just been a complete and utter cock-up from the word go. I woke up at 0500 on Monday morning, went to work on site and these guys didnt even show up until 8am. So I wasted a day. Whats worse, we planned it so that I would work tonight (Monday night) and so I went home, slept and put my cell phone on silent. These guys call me up (I didnt hear it of course cause I was trying to get some sleep to prepare me for the upcoming night work) and they tell me it has been cancelled for tonight. Good job because I had already called my job#2 and told them I couldn't make it Monday night cause I had to work in my job #1 at night.

So I go to job #2 and luckily run into my boss, from job #2 and tell him the deal. I manage to get my work back -at least I will have that. So basically I am getting my sleep schedule ready to do the night work on Wednesday and Thursday night. I of course also have to go to Newington, NH Tuesday night. So I plan on staying up until 5-6am now which is another 5 hours or so. That way I can get into a night schedule. As if I was on the same time zone as Bangkok, Thailand. (GMT +7) currently 1332G.

So thats the deal. The cool thing about the iternet is its always on, and the programming doesn't suck in the after hours like TV.

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