Update 20041109.1718Z

Well It has really gotten cold here lately, last night while I was at my 2nd job I noticed some flurries coming down. It will apparently get down to 20ยบ F tonight. I have just finalized my Michigan and Denver Trips. To clarify I will fly into Flint, MI rather than Detroit cause there is a $1000 difference in price. -Go figure.
Looking at my office as well, I am thinking about moving things around a bit cause the way things are now, It is not very good. My desk is about 18 feet from the door so I am thinking about moving it closer. As it gets darker and darker for winter I want as much daylight as possible. I got gyped by not having an office with an outside window so I will have to settle for a cross view of Karen's office as she has a window. At least I will be able to see outside, unlike the old office where although there was shed-loads of space, it seemed like I was working in a spaceship or underground cause there weren't any windows.

*****LUNCH TIME*****

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