Update 20041117.0753Z

OK so I just got home from Newington, NH. Everything went well, besides be freezing my ass off. It wasn't very cold in temperature but the high humidity made it cold.

Pease International Tradeport, NH at 2004-11-17, 0255R :
Air Temperature -2ºC
Relative Humidity 100%
Wind Velocity 1.3 m/s
Wind Direction 312º
Barometric pressure 1026.4 hPa

So I was feeling the chill. Plus looking down at the tidal flow which -I was told- was the fastest tidal flow in the world, scared me a bit. I had to speak to Rhys sitting at home in Boulder, CO on dialup to do a remote test. There was a 15-20 second delay (in images not the voice) which was annoying, it was as if I was on the moon and he was on earth. But we got the job done, and I thawed out in the car for the dark scary ride home. I totally forgot about the damn Hampton tolls. Good thing I had some cash with me cause that would have sucked. Now I am at home trying to keep awake for a bit. Wednesday night (tonight essentially) is the big job. I am not looking forward to it but I just have to get it done. Also my trip to Boulder, CO has been cancelled. So I have to get another credit making 3 in total. 1- a cancelled flight to Flint, MI. 2- a cancelled flight to Nashville, TN and now this cancelled flight to Denver, CO. The Tennessee trip is still on though as well as the Maine trip. I am flying from Manchester, NH to Knoxville, TN connecting in Washington, D.C. (Dulles). And connecting in Charlotte, NC on the way back.

Will update about that later.

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