Update 20041114.0150Z

So, I worked very hard Friday and re agganged my travel plans as per my boss Mike. He had me flying into Knoxville instead of Nashville. Oh wait I didn't even mention I had to change my plans from Detroit! Updated:

Mon 15 Nov: Driving up to Tyngsboro, MA all day looks like I will be there 2 days in a row.
Tue 16 Nov or Wed 17 Nov: Driving up to Billerica, MA. For 2 days maybe. I basically have all week this next week to do this. Route 3 is a complete cock-up as usual. Bunch of mob-run corrupt -union freaks. (just like the Big-dig) I hate working with these guys, I hate every part of it. But the good thing is #1 we will have clear, dry sunny weather next week, and #2 Once I am finished with this I wont have to mess with these mob bosses again! Good riddens.

Mon 22 Nov-Tue 23 Nov: Flying into Knoxville, TN. Working in a place called Erwin, TN and flying back.

Mon 29 Nov- Tue 30 Nov: Working in the very beautiful Stockton Springs, Maine. hopefully with good weather. I have all week to do this job as well.

Sun 5 Dec - Fri 10 Dec: Flying out to Denver, CO and driving up to Boulder, CO for a week of fun fun fun work activities and a few nights out with the lads having a few beers.

A very busy busy time. This last week went by so fast cause I was so busy. And I worked today in my second job. I have to go into the office tomorrow to prepare for my job at Tyngsboro on Monday. I have to be there at 7am (Joy)

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