More rain

It has been raining all day from start to finish. I have had an OK day off. Had to go Grocery shopping which was fun cause there were so many people there I could barely walk in the aisles. That's always fun. Then -since there were so many people they were short staffed and I had to bag my own groceries. And offloading in the car in the pouring rain was fun as well. The store is always like that during the day. I was once walking through the bread aisle and some Indian guy and his kid had opened up a bag of sliced bread and were eating it right there in the aisle -which was a bit disturbing. But we are set for food now for 2 weeks or so.

This weekend I had to go back to RTE 3 and finish up some work which still is not done by the way. I was hungry as hell so I stopped midway in between my work yesterday and got some Panera to go. I wolfed down the sandwich and guzzled down the drink. It was all I had to eat yesterday. I then finished my work at 2145! by moonlight. I am just going to call up those mob guys and tell them to fix the problem and I would come back to Billerica Wednesday.

Bringing me into my schedule for this week:

MON Leave the office at 15-1600 and arrive at Bangor, Maine at 2000. Spend the night.
TUE Head to Bucksport, Maine and do work for the day. Drive back to Boston and chill.
WED Finish the work in Billerica, MA and come back to the office. Clean the office up cause it is a bit messy.

Denver trip is cancelled (can't remember if I said so or not).

Nothing much happened today except the fact that it has been raining like a MOFO.

Will update later.

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