Did I mention, today was windy!? Anyway I decided to do my job#2 Friday portion tomorrow. Nice to have a night in every once in a while. Watch reruns of one of my favorite shows "Fear Factor" and I can't wait to go to bed tonight! We got an electric blanket with DUAL control cause we can never agree to the right temperature, I may like it hot while she likes it cold. So That is going to be nice. I will only have a heater running for Daniella and no heater in the bedroom. (It may get down to 20º F [-6.67º C] in the next few nights)

So just chillin' to some good music now. Then I am going to pour myself a nice glass of Cranberry juice and watch some TV in the bedroom (More "Fear Factor" - Or maybe "The world's wildest police chases" Yes! Then sleep in tomorrow until... 8 or even maybe 9! Sweet!

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