Airplane Comments

Airplane comments BOS-CLT

A few things I disliked about the flight from BOS to CLT:

  • Business pricks walking around the cabin with a cell phone after they have boarded and taken their seat. (One guy in particular)
  • People with HUGE ASS carry on items.
  • Rude people:

This one lady came on with a bad ass attitude. She was old and crabby. She had this huge ass carry on suitcase and she walked up the aisle with the flight attendant. They got to an open spot in the overhead storage and she then expected him to lift the bag up for her. He didn't though and offered to hold her coffee. She then complained about having a hernia and then bitched and moaned while she got it up there. She then made some bitchy comment similar to "are you gonna call the ambulance for me now?!" he then skillfully turned the whole thing around on her making her look like an ass. He said, "Well if you have a hernia then you should have checked such a big suitcase instead of carrying it on." She couldn't say shit and it was golden! The Flight attendant seemed like he was gay and he had a real sharp wit about him. Really good with words and he really put that bitch in her place :) She was crabby for the rest of the flight. She was sitting in the aisle directly next to me (sitting in the other aisle seat) Sitting next to her was a mom and her kid was sitting in the window. This kid closed the flap to the window right as we were taking off and the lady screams to him "No I want to look out!"
Funny funny moments.

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