Not good

As I suspected the review didn't go too good. I am a bit pissed off and I guess I should start doing something about it. Turn that frustration into motivation. (like that stupid twat from the Cortislim commercials says)

Anyway enough about that. I have a nice clean environment to work in and need to shift into 5th gear. Life is never fair I have come to find.

Dave from my 2nd job called last night while I was feeding Daniella. I didn't answer the phone. He said he had two issues to discuss. One was my note I left him and the other was "scheduling"

I left him a note asking why he docked my gas reimbursement from $20 to $10 even though the mileage was the same. I will wait to see what he says when I call him after lunch.

I called up this guy named Wade who works in Boulder to confirm that I was not going to be going to Washington, D.C. next week. So that I can tell Dave the right answer when I call him. I would like to take the freaking train to DC but my job being fast paced, that shit wouldn't work. Well it may but I have to see how long the Acela takes to get there...

... OK if I leave South Station at 6am I would get in WDC Union Station at 2pm ...not bad.

Anyway its lunch time so I am out...

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