Awesome eats

I was feeling pretty hungry just now, so I left the hotel room and since there is nothing here but a Waffle House (I already ate there for lunch today) I got the car keys and was all set to drive off when my nose caught the greatest smell. I saw a sign that said "Club Tropical" but saw smoke wafting from the front of the place. I decided to walk over and investigate. (I made a good choice)

The place is a Mexican club with Mexican music playing loudly inside. Loads of Mexicans outside. The smell was drawing me in. The nice lady said "Hola" assuming I spoke Spanish. Well I felt bad to dissapoint her. I ordered up 3 tacos and they were the best tacos I have had in my entire life -that I remember. And the fact that I came across this purely by accident made it even better. Small corn tortillias, beef, with cillantro and onions, I topped them with sasuces and cut up vegetables and whatever they had on the table (have no idea what it was but I figured I would top it off with all the stuff they had) DAMN it was AWESOME. When I was done eating the 3 I wanted to get 2 more. But I didnt. Bearing in mind that I havent eaten since 12 noon today. I just loved the atmosphere, of the Mexican music blaring and loads of Mexicans standing around. Good stuff.

Shit maybe I will go back over right now and get 2 more...!

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