Already in a bad fucking mood I am sitting here in the terminal waiting to leave for a connecting flight. I woke up at 3am and left my house at 3:30. It was raining outside. I get to the ticket counter here at the airport and this nice guy says "Hey where are you going today?" I tell him and then he says "Well you can check in using these self serve stations." I think to myself "cool". So I go there and then it turns out since I am checking an extra bag, I can't use the station. The gate agent says "For extra bags go over there and see that attendant" So great I already have a session open at one automatic kiosk station and they want me to walk over to the ticket agent about 20 ft down the line. I go back to the screen and it says "Do you need more time?" I click "NO" and it then says "You have chosen to end your check-in session" Which was what I wanted.
On any other airline a bag that weighed under 70 lbs is not subject to overweight charges but for US Air (and fuck knows who else) charges for overweight above 50 lbs. Now I had to pack a shitload of stuff for my job and I weighed my one big suitcase last night and it was 65lbs. So not only do I have to pay for extra weight on one bag, but I have to pay for the extra bag as well, so I had to pay $105 extra. Now I am in a pissed off mood. I go through security that is not very busy. Its a good thing too cause I had to take off my shoes, hat, coat, laptop out of my backpack, etc etc etc I already know all of this cause I fly constantly. I go through the transition fairly quickly and then the guy at TSA makes me show him my ID again. I have no problem with this at all. I am just pissed about the extra bags deal.
This place smells like a hospital. Terminal B sucks hardcore. That's about it really.

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