Blog Renaming

I wanted to remove myself from that brand of militant atheism that is going around. I still like the term "born again atheist" as it is a perfect description for people like me, who were born into a religion - the religion of our parents, and have left and evolved as a non-believer.

I just pulled the new name out of my head. It stems back to High School, when I was reading about how they can determine the distances of far away galaxies. It was kind of a shame that they didn't teach redshift in H.S. Physics. Nor did they teach it in any other H.S. Science class I took. On that token, they didn't even touch evolution in Biology class. No We kids had to go to the H.S. Library to pick up books on the subject. At least the creationists didn't ban those books from our library. I spent a lot of time in both the H.S. Library and the public library and I am thankful to have done so.

There is a good article about redshift at wikipedia. If anyone reading this is unfamiliar with it, I recommend giving it a good read.

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