Can we end the war now?

Can we end the war now?, originally uploaded by Chris1051.

No really. Its now going to cost us 3 Trillion dollars (thats a 3 followed by 12 zeros) and we have lost 3974 US personnel as of today. (thats not including any maimed or mentally injured. I can imagine all 3974 of those people had at least one person who loved them -whose lives have been forever changed. For a mistake. For people pushing an agenda fast tracking approval through the congress.

This number - 3974 also doesnt include UK dead (175 as of today) and other "coalition" deaths (133 as of today) It doesn't include civilian "collateral damage" deaths either. Of whom no one is counting except Iraq Body Count

And gas today in Nashville is $3.19 And its as if those $300 checks are really going to help the economy. I'll tell you what will help the economy its to get out of Iraq and stop spending $7,400,000.00 PER HOUR

Now there's an idea.

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